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  • Rhinestone, Crystal and White Mountain Jade Shoulder Necklace

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    From the Jamie Estelle Embroidery Collection ACFW:

    .This stunning necklace is to die for. If you love dramatic and edgy, then you will love this necklace. Want to make a statement! This shoulder necklace will be noticed! This necklace consists of: A large focal pendant round mountain jade that just sparkles away. A large crystal drop with round crystal spacer dangle from the mountain jade. Rhinestone, cats eye, and white mountain jade accent the choker just beautifully. White silver and clear seed beads are through out the choker in a half circle design. Matching shoulder pad extend out on top of the shoulders adding to the edge of the piece. Fringe dangles off the edge of each shoulder, with swarovski crystals, crystal drops and clear, white, silver seed beads. There are three layers of rhinestone chains that dangle down the front of this stunning necklace, with one rhinestone chain connected in the back. Complete with choker clamps and lobster claw clasps. Each beaded piece has soft felt on the back for comfort, light weight.

    Made to order: Depending on the piece, shipping could take up to a month to construct or less. All of these beaded embroidered pieces are hand stitched and take time to make.

    NOTE: If you have any questions about this embroidered necklace, please feel free to ask.

    All of my embroidered jewelry is sold as seen here. I can not alter the jewelry or change beads because this could damage the item. A lot of time and beadwork goes in to these pieces. I can make a custom piece if there is a different color or style you are looking for. Prices are due to change with custom pieces. Please feel free to contact me about making your own custom piece of jewelry if interested. If this is for a wedding or a special event please allow enough time for ordering and completion of these embroidered pieces. As they take time to make. Thank you.

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