About Us

Turquoise beaded bronze bracelet


Jamie Estelle Jewelry is passionate about creating unique beaded jewelry.  Jamie's love for the Victorian era shows through each beaded piece of jewelry she designs. Each handmade piece of jewelry is thoughtfully designed intricately with precision of creativity, quality and craftsmanship. 

Jamie Estelle

Jamie Estelle Is a jewelry designer from New Jersey. Jamie has been totally surround by art her whole life, and was always encouraged by her family to continue on the path of art.

While growing up Jamie was introduced to art at a young age. Her mother had noticed her talent around the age of 4 years old, and pushed her new talent by entering Jamie into art lessons. This is where Jamie learned about art and sculpture. She started winning contests, and being shown in the local news. As Jamie matured she progressed further into art, taking different avenues: from photography, graphic art, jewelry, design, painting and music.

 Jamie has always loved the fashion industry, and in 2005 she ventured in to a creative side that let her explore and express herself in jewelry making. Jamie had dabbled in jewelry making in the past and found this was a real passion for her and Jamie Estelle Jewelry was born!!!!!

HBO Entourage

Since then, the world has fallen in love with Jamie Estelle Jewelry.  Her handcrafted jewelry can be seen on and off the red carpet. Being worn by many accomplished men and woman in entertainment including Nancy O'Dell,  Felipe Rose, Gabrielle Dennis, Kelly Ripa, Carly Steel, Teryl Rothery, Lillian Garcia, Joey King, to name a few. While also being featured on TV shows including, Jane the Virgin, Cedar Cove, The Fosters and HBO's Entourage.